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Remote- and Industrial Sites present their own challenges and intricacies when providing emergency medical care.  It is imperative to partner with an adequately experienced medical services provider who understands the complicated dynamics underlying remote construction-; exploration- and mining sites.

Medi Response proudly offers 4x4 rescue and ambulance services, allowing access even in the most challenging terrain.  We have provided remote-site medical services in the following countries and regions, and continue to build on our portfolio of strategic business alliances operating in these versatile environments:

  • Lesotho
  • Botswana
  • Mozambique
  • Northern Cape, Western Cape and North West Provinces, South Africa   



Paramedics play a pivotal role on Remote Sites and Industrial Sites. These emergency care workers not only respond to life-threatening emergencies in austere environments, but often fulfil further roles relating to the provision of occupational healthcare services and primary health care.

Medi Response has supplied remote-site paramedics to several sites around the continent and is an experienced provider in conducting remote-site medical services.  


Where Companies have employed existing staff and have the necessary emergency services infrastructure in place on site, Medi Response offers a comprehensive remote site management solution, with a dedicated, experienced management team for risk- and remote site medical services to provide for specialised oversight of emergency medical services functions.

Aside from routine management of on-site medical functions, our team offers consulting services to the industrial sector to ensure that the best possible emergency management systems are introduced on a client’s remote and industrial site.  


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