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Our Specialised Services Department ensures that clients’ needs and legal compliance requirements are met across a spectrum of sporting and recreational events. We are able to manage legal compliance, safety and event medical logistics from large gatherings to small informal events – ensuring that all medical measures, staffing and procedures are in place to ensure a safe, legally compliant event.

Event Medical Services

Our Specialised Services Department caters for the dynamic and unique needs of the events management market.

We pride ourselves on the way in which we manage the inevitable risks associated with events and larger scale gatherings; taking great care to adhere to the extensive laws, regulations and policies regulating sports and recreational events.
Event organisers and venue owners can be assured that we take every care to ensure that our safety and emergency medical measures are soundly in place, for their peace of mind during events.

Our specific range of events services include:

  • Medical risk assessments and auditing
  • Medical Staffing (providing suitably trained and registered health care professionals across all levels of care, ranging from Basic Ambulance Assistants to Medical Practitioners)
  • Integrated Event Medical Resource Management
  • Event Operational Control Centre and communications
  • Specialised medical deployments

Event Safety Management

After the Ellis Park stadium tragedy in April 2001, it became apparent that more stringent measures needed to be put in place in order to regulate sporting- and recreational events.

Ensuring compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations can be a tedious task if you do not have the necessary experience and documentation in place, or even if your event organiser is not conversant with the correct procedures.

Our event safety team serves to make compliance with these rules and regulations as simple as possible. Basic assessments and recommendations are made to the client, based on their event brief to us. 
Medi Response will:

  • Compile the necessary documentation and plans
  • Meet with, and present to, the relevant public authorities
  • Draft and administer safety-related plans, including Disaster Plans, Evacuation Plans and event medical protocols 
  • Supply the necessary signage
  • Place the necessary personnel in a Venue Operations Centre
  • Compilation of Event Safety File

In addition, Medi Response will have a representative on site for the entire duration of the event, including build-up and break-down.

After each event, clients receive a full written debrief of the event: any incidents that took place, hazards that were noted and further relevant comments, aimed at preventing similar risks at future events.

Our team works closely with private security companies and medical service providers to ensure the best possible outcome for your event.


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