Medi Response offers comprehensive event medical standby, medical staffing and equipment, on-site clinics or medical centres, as well as risk and safety management services across a wide range of sporting and recreational events of any scale. This service is facilitated by our experienced medical staff and supported by our fleet of emergency and special utility vehicles.

When hosting an event of any scale, organisers must ensure that there are proper risk management processes in place, that is why we take every care to ensure that our Safety and Emergency Medical measures are soundly in place. Our Event Medical team works closely with trusted private security companies and other medical service providers to ensure the best possible medical and operational coverage of an event. Medi Response caters for the dynamic and unique needs of the event management market. We pride ourselves on the way in which we manage the inevitable risks associated with events and larger scale gatherings. We take great care to adhere to the extensive laws and policies regulating sports and recreational events, such as the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act and the SANS Health & Safety at Events codes.
We ensure our clients receive a complete and professional event medical service, from the initial planning and coordination stage of the event, comprehensive medical standby and response during the event, through to post-event medical reporting and debriefing. With having many years of experience in providing medical standby at events such as; extreme and motor sports, concerts and music festivals, marathons and endurance races, film and television productions as well as trade shows and exhibitions, Medi Response is dedicated to providing the highest standard of medical cover to our clients, consistently. Whether the event requires a single paramedic in a response vehicle or an entire on-site clinic with multiple medical staff stationed at various positions throughout the venue, our Event Medical team can tailor our solutions to guarantee you have the correct level of medical coverage necessary.

Our Event Medical Service includes:

  • Dedicated event medical staff and vehicles
  • Event operational control centres
  • Medical risk assessment and auditing
  • Event safety and risk management
  • Specialised medical deployment
  • Integrated event medical resources management
  • Site Based Ambulance Services
  • On Site Healthcare Services
  • On Site Clinics and Medical Centres with specialised equipment

The Medi Response Event Medical Service team also provides event safety management. Through the use of our experienced Safety Officers and in association with United Safety Services, we are able to create, propose and submit your JOC (Joint Operations Committee) application to ensure your event attains the level of compliance necessary and meets Occupational Health and Safety regulation standards.

COVID-19 Risk Management

We provide a full range of products and services aimed at equipping employers, property owners, facility managers and individuals to identify and counteract the risks associated with CoViD-19 in the workplace and in various other physical environments.
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