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The Advanced Group of Companies is the only choice when safety and risk management is paramount and meeting clients’ needs is the ultimate goal. The Advanced Group provides a comprehensive range of products and services to the mining, municipal, commercial, hospitality, airport, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas, and industrial sectors.

Their client base spans the African continent and they pride themselves on their experience and ability to offer and deliver effective professional services to their clients. All the Advanced Group subsidiary companies are considered market leaders in their respective fields. Each company has an exemplary service delivery record and empowerment credentials that afford the group 8-BBEE legislation compliance.


Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (Advanced FST) specialises in a one-stop fire detection, prevention, protection, and mitigation service. Advanced FST is the official distributor of Johnson Controls products in Africa. Johnson Controls is the largest fire protection group in the world with the most advanced firefighting products.

Advanced FST’s markets include the mining, construction, petrochemical, oil, and gas (POG), agriculture, hospitality, and commercial sectors. The Advanced FST team has the technical expertise and capability, industry knowledge, and geographic presence needed to select the best products, systems, and services. This allows them to respond promptly and accurately to client needs.


The Advanced Health Care Services & Systems Program is based on the critical four legs that we use successfully in all of our businesses; people, product, technology and services, brought together for one single purpose: To assist you, our valued client, in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens that might have taken hold in your workplace. AHCS offers a wide range of sanitizers, decontamination options, equipment and even protocols to tackle this pandemic head on.


  • SpraySafe Tunnel
  • Advanced VITA
  • Decontamination Trailer
  • AI Fever Screen
  • Supply of PPE
  • Decontamination Services
  • Standalone Application Systems
  • Mobile Systems


IF&HC has partnered with WF&HC that has responded worldwide to land and marine-based flammable liquid fires, building a history of successful interventions — in many cases doing what our contemporaries thought to be impossible. We have the full range of equipment, fire fighting foams, fire fighting expertise, and in-house knowledge to mitigate industrial risks that you might face. The biggest incidents have been subdued by the WF&HC tactics and tailored equipment and extinguishing agents, all developed specifically for these challenges. One of the most vital assets Industrial Fire & Hazard Control brings to bear on any incident is experience. Experience shapes everything we do… From assessment to foam testing, from incident command to equipment design, deployments result in strategies, tactics, and proprietary equipment with an unrivaled record of achievement in the field.


IRCA Global – When You’re Serious About Managing Risk. IRCA is a leading International Risk Management solutions provider specialising in the areas of Operational Risk Management. IRCA has footprints in various countries globally. We have assisted hundreds of Blue Chip Organizations to reduce operational risk exposures. In a world of corporate governance, risk and complacency. IRCA is a mature leader. Our International involvements has kept us at the forefront of technology. Our unique product and services are changing the way organizations manage their operational risk exposures. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients globally in all industries.


Melrose Arch’s new urban design creates a rare quality of in and out-doors residential, commercial, retail and leisure spaces. Bustling with boutique browsers and café culture, Melrose Arch offers a truly international high street fashion experience, alfresco style, leading to the sparkling retail galleria that provides the stage on which over 100 of the country’s top retailers re-define the face and future of shopping.
As a leading private city, Melrose Arch prides itself on delivering excellent services. In line with top cities around the world, we have now introduced our very own dedicated emergency medical services for residents, businesses and guests.

Melrose Arch has partnered with Medi-Response for emergency medical services in the precinct. The Medi-Response team will also be at the ready during major events held by Melrose Arch. Our partnership with Medi-Response adds to the top-quality services provided by Melrose Arch.


Rural Metro Emergency Management Services (PTY) Ltd is a fully independent Organisation that specialises in Fire Brigade Services, HAZMAT Response and Training. Our Company comprises of full-time certified professionals who service our turnkey solutions. Furthermore, our accredited academy offers Firefighting, Hazardous Materials as well as Occupational Health and Safety training.

We actively assist Government, Industry, Commerce and all role players to reduce the incidents and impacts of fire, injury and occupational hazards through the provision of:

  • Education and awareness
  • Approved training courses
  • Risk and hazard assessments
  • Fire Engineering and Consulting services
  • Decontamination Services


USS was founded in 2018, when two established companies within the South African health and safety sector partnered to bring this dynamic brand to market. The combined knowledge and 22 years of expertise of all involved, meant that we could create an offering which is adaptable, and which can provide tailor-made solutions for all organisations who need health and safety compliance assistance. USS prides itself on providing solutions that not only meet, but exceed the requirements set out by the Department of Health, SANBS, SAIOSH and other industry roleplayers, whilst remaining an economical solution to suit our clients’ budgets. In addition, through major team growth and effective delegation, we have increased our capacity for anything from liquor license applications to floor plan proposals, with far quicker turnaround times.


SAPAESA is the South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association, a non-profit, member organization that seeks to constantly improve the standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care in South Africa by combining the shared knowledge and resources of our members to uplift the service provision of the industry as a whole.

We seek to maintain the financial viability of the ambulance industry thereby allowing the providers to deliver the highest quality patient care through communication, education, legislation, and regulatory advocacy. We work in partnership with all components of the EMS system. We believe in fostering an environment where all ambulance providers can have open and honest communication and where all members have an equal voice.


Medi Response is also aligned with a number of other private EMS operators. These strategic business relationships assist our team in ensuring that, no matter where your call comes from, we are able to get professional and proficient assistance to you in any medical emergency.

COVID-19 Risk Management

We provide a full range of products and services aimed at equipping employers, property owners, facility managers and individuals to identify and counteract the risks associated with CoViD-19 in the workplace and in various other physical environments.
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