Disposable Coverall Category lll Type 5/6

Disposable coveralls are designed to protect the wearer from hazardous substances. They are typically used for protection against particulates and light liquid splashes or spray, dependent on the toxicity and exposure conditions. Care should be taken when removing contaminated garments so as not to contaminate the user with any hazardous substances. Prior to use, the wearer should check the protective clothing for damages that may impair its protection. Always replace the coverall if damages are detected. Coveralls should be disposed of appropriately, dependent on the contaminant introduced during use.


Disposable coverall with elasticated hood, Zip with flap and self-adhesive tape, Elastic wrist, ankles, and waist, 100% polypropylene and polyethylene, Various sizes available, Unisex Store in a cool, dry area in original packaging with no exposure to UV light. Brands may vary dependent on market availability. Disposable. Recommended single use only. The price shown is per unit.

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