Reusable Face Shield

A face shield and visor is a safety device designed to protect the face and eyes from debris or other hazards and ensures that the operator’s visibility and mobility is not hindered. They are frequently used in medical or farming agricultural applications to protect the face and eyes from the splattering or splashing of bio-hazardous fluids. The face shield provides peripheral protection by wrapping around the sides of the face. The face shield is fitted with an adjustable and removable Poly-carbonate visor for easy decontamination after use.


– Provides full-face protection
– Protects against liquid and particles landing directly on the wearer’s face
– Dual-sided peelable film, to be removed before use
– Foam covered brow-guard for optimal fit and comfort
– Thermoplastic helmet headgear carriage with wheel ratchet adjustable headband
Assembly required. One transparent visor included. Replacement visors sold separately.
Style or color may differ depending on market availability. The product may differ slightly from the image shown. Images are for display purposes only.
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