Medi Response provides an on-location Emergency Medical Service solution that is specifically designed for companies operating in remote areas. We staff and manage primary care clinics and medical centres, equipped to deal with routine staff healthcare, as well as any medical emergency, ensuring the health and safety of those on site in the absence of nearby definitive care.

Medi Response is fully aware of the relevant protocols and risks associated with remote and industrial sites. The flexible, agile, and integrated nature of our operating model allows it to adapt to the location, size, and scope of any remote site project while taking specific needs into account, and devising bespoke medical support and management solutions that suit your site and its demands. Some of the challenges faced by people working on remote sites include dealing with austere and removed geographic locations, constantly changing environmental conditions, local regulations, challenging work conditions, and even political instability.

Because people come first in everything we do, we prioritize the maintenance of on-site health and wellbeing above all else. Medi Response provides our clients with dedicated Emergency Medical Services in remote locations where formal medical facilities are too far away or where the existing medical infrastructure is inadequate for the needs of our clients.

Able to deploy mobile medical units and portable or semi-permanent medical clinics and hospitals, Medi Response provides a fully stocked, turnkey solution that includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumables and, most importantly, qualified medical professionals.

Our priority is to prevent on-site illness or injury, while remaining confident that, if they do occur, the best medical care is available to lessen the impact on both the working environment and the person affected. We understand that your people are your power, and are committed to keeping them safe and healthy, no matter where.

Companies operating in remote areas, or in industries that pose sector-specific challenges require a bespoke emergency management solution. As a turnkey medical service provider, Medi Response is able to oversee the routine management of on-location medical responsibilities. Additionally, on-the-ground medical professionals are supported by our 24-hour emergency control centre with access to doctor-based telemedicine.


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Medi Response is committed to a comprehensive patient care continuum and works closely in conjunction with the client’s medical teams to ensure optimal patient recovery in the management of medical emergencies. In order to make this happen, our services rest of the following set pillars:

Deploying Clinically Orientated Medical Staff

We circulate our paramedics through our system of ambulance operations, to ensure the maintenance of their clinical competence in the out-of-hospital environment.

Remaining Risk-Orientated

We conduct comprehensive assessments of the client’s unique needs at each specific site, analysing the risk profile of the site, the potential exposure to the project community, accessibility to definitive healthcare and challenges faced during evacuation of patients from remote locations.

Delivering An Integrated Support System

Our emergency control contact centre is integrated with our aviation medical partners and ground operations in South Africa and forms an integral part of our logistics department. This allows us to execute evacuations within an accountable continuum of care.

We Are Africa-based

We are Africans, and we understand the continent. We have an established, and expanding regional footprint within sub-Saharan Africa, and are able to develop informed Emergency Medical Service solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of the area.

COVID-19 Risk Management

We provide a full range of products and services aimed at equipping employers, property owners, facility managers and individuals to identify and counteract the risks associated with CoViD-19 in the workplace and in various other physical environments.
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