360° Global

Medi Response provides our clients with direct access to international medical treatment, affiliated international hospital groups, aeromedical services, and medical concierge services. We ensure that all aspects related to international patient movement are managed, with our dedicated case manager, medical crew and 24/7 operations control centre overseeing the entire operation from start to finish.

We understand that emergencies know no borders and can affect anyone, anywhere in the world when least expected. From an injured expatriate working abroad, or a thrill-seeking tourist in need of returning to their home country for treatment, to a patient seeking specialized medical treatment performed in a foreign country, patients frequently find themselves in need of medical repatriation or international medical transportation. Medi Response’s 360° Global Medical Service is experienced in providing our clients and insurers with direct access to international medical care.

We provide an absolute end-to-end patient transportation service where we accompany the patient on every step of their journey and ensure their safety from point of departure to hand-over at the desired destination. Our 360° Global Medical Service encompasses all aspects of international patient movement, including planning and logistical coordination, clearance and travel approval, in-flight medical treatment, and patient concierge.

Our skilled medical crew, who are overseen by our operational control centre and dedicated case manager, assist with all aspects of transferring a patient worldwide. Together with our international aviation partners, we are able to render our services at any site, anywhere in the world. Our aeromedical resources consist of both rotor and fixed wing aircrafts, which can be staffed up to a Doctor level if the patient’s medical needs require. Medi Response is also able to assist on commercial flights dependent on the patient’s ailment.
Whether it is transferring a patient across international borders from one medical facility to another or performing a medevac for a patient who requires international medical assistance, Medi Response is here to assist when your life depends on it

In addition, we are further able to provide and support the following ancillary services:

  • Access to affiliated international hospital groups
  • Aeromedical services
  • Site-based medical services
  • Medical concierge services
  • Medical case management
  • International patient management
  • Commercial air evacuation
  • Telemedicine
  • Risk management & emergency response plans</li