Accidents happen when we least expect them to, quick response and skilled help could mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, Medi Response provides comprehensive training in first aid to companies, as well as individuals to ensure our trainees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the most common of life-threatening medical situations.

First Aid Levels 1 - 3

Accredited and practical courses for companies and individuals.

Basic Topics Covered:

  • CPR
  • Wounds And Bleeding
  • Head And Spinal Injuries
  • Asphyxia
  • Unconsciousness
  • Epilepsy
  • Burns
  • Diabetes
  • Shock

Topics Covered:

  • General health and safety awareness training for supervisors and managers
  • Handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Dangerous goods awareness training
  • Evacuation procedure courses
  • Confined space and vessel entry training
  • Accident investigation Safe stacking and storage training
  • Legal Liability training
  • Basic fire training
  • First aid and fire corporate audits
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Resale and implementation of emergency equipment and solutions
  • American Heart Association courses

We supply various styles and sizes of First Aid kits, ranging from an on-the-go travel pouch to a fully equipped office kit for any size company. As part of our Corporate Kit package, we will also restock any items used from the kit. As well as routine fire extinguisher checks and refilling.
Let Medi Response help equip you, your employees, colleagues, friends and family with the knowledge needed to save a life.