Medi Response provides a private Standby Fire and Rescue Services which is specifically designed to meet the versatile needs of our customers’ who are seeking comprehensive emergency fire solutions. Our Standby Fire Service is fully equipped to deal with fire emergencies within the greater Northern Johannesburg metropolitan area, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of our clients.

Medi Response’s Standby Fire and Rescue Services are driven by innovation and efficiency to deliver world-class fire services to our valued customers. The dynamic and flexible nature of our operation allows us to adapt to fulfill our client’s specific requirements and tailor-make Standby Fire Service solutions to location specific ventures.

Medi response provides Standby Fire and Rescue Services to the municipal, commercial, hospitality and industrial sectors. This division is capable of providing firefighting and emergency fire response to our clients, when they need it most. With safety andquality being of paramount importance to us, our goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patrons in times of need and disaster. We strive to bring the necessary skills to ensure any fire emergency is handled professionally and effectively.

We are able to deploy an expertly equipped fire engine which is operated with internationally qualified firefighting professionals. As a leading role player in the private Standby Fire and Rescue Services, our ultimate goal is to increase the firefighting resources available to many sectors within our society. Our Standby Fire and Rescue Services division provides site-specific response comprising of fire, rescue, and hazmat solutions incorporated into a holistic response. Medi Response’s Standby Fire and Rescue Services modules consist of site-based, community-based, as well as project-specific support services including standby at special events. We staff specialized vehicles which are equipped to deal with any fire, rescue, and hazmat emergencies faced by our clients.

Medi Response’s dedication to excellence regarding Standby Fire Services is unlike any other. We are able to transcend the defined borders of fire standby and constantly find more effective ways of managing our fire professionals and dedicated resources. Medi Response caters for the evolving and unique needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on the way in which we manage the inevitable risks associated with Standby Fire Services. We ensure our clients receive a complete and professional Standby Fire Service, from an initial planning and coordination stage, comprehensive fire standby and response, as well as reporting and debriefing, should an incident occur. Medi Response is dedicated to providing the highest standard of fire cover to our clients, consistently.

COVID-19 Risk Management

We provide a full range of products and services aimed at equipping employers, property owners, facility managers and individuals to identify and counteract the risks associated with CoViD-19 in the workplace and in various other physical environments.
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