At Medi Response, we specialize in providing comprehensive site-based medical services to businesses operating in remote locations or high-risk industries. Our value proposition includes a range of services that are designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workforce, as well as the efficient operation of your business.


Oil and Gas


Renewable Energy





Onsite Emergency Medical, Fire & Rescue Services

Highly trained medical professionals, fully equipped 4×4 ambulances and response vehicles, and specialized equipment.

Pre-deployment Medicals and Medical Surveillance Programs

Ensures employee fitness for work and early identification of potential health issues.

24/7 Global Operational Control Centre

Providing 24/7 topside doctor and physician telemedicine and telemedical advice and support.

24/7 Medivac Capabilities

Swift and safe emergency aeromedical transportation of injured or ill employees to medical facilities.

Medical Case Management and Proactive Reporting

Effective management of workplace injuries or illnesses including support for employee recovery and return to work. Identifying potential health risks and issues enabling proactive measures to address them.

Onsite Training and Upskilling Programs (Fire, Medical, HSE)

Customized, broad, and accredited training to reduce worksite accidents.

Local Recruitment Program

Medi Response sources and trains staff from local communities supporting local economic growth.
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