Medi Response is a comprehensive emergency management solutions provider, specialising in the provision of topside medical support and on-location emergency medical services. The specialised expertise of Medi Response and our service partners ensure that we are equipped to deal with anything that could arise out of any unique circumstances.

Remote Site Medical Services

Medi Response provides and manages an on-location Emergency Medical Service solution specifically designed for companies operating in remote areas, or in industries that pose sector-specific challenges.

Event Medical Services

Medi Response offers a comprehensive event medical, risk and safety management service across a range of sporting and recreational events, supported by our fleet of emergency and special utility vehicles.

360 Global Medical Services

Medi Response ensures that we provide our clients with direct access to international medical treatment, affiliated international hospital groups, aeromedical services, and medical concierge services.

Emergency Medical Services

Medi Response services an array of emergency medical calls across our areas of operation, as well as inter-hospital and planned patient transfers anywhere around the country.

Education & Training

Medi Response provides comprehensive training to companies and individuals, ensuring our trainees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for handling life-threatening situations.

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